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Andrew Jefferson is a seasoned entrepreneur who makes good living working from home since 2007. Last year he decided to launch his first membership site about Digital Marketing and Coaching.
With decent launch, he was able to get 500 members initially, which turned into profit real quick.
But like most MemberPreneurs, he did not realize the importance of member retention. Result, his recurring sales started going down real fast. No matter how many new members he was bringing into his membership site, he was losing most of them on the same rate.

Let’s analyze what went wrong with Andrew, and how ConstantContinuity helped him cover the limitations of his membership program.

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2020 has been a nightmare for small businesses. Talk about the economic hit that blew away multi-billionaire businesses. It was more or less like survival of the fittest. There’s always been a need to track expenses and manage reports. The right budget software does it all for you. Once you have the right tools, accounting is all fun and games. All you need is a small budgeting software to get it all sorted. Let’s start off with some of the best budgeting software in the market. Take a look at the following options for your business:

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creating a profitable website
A membership site can be an effective way of generating a recurring income online. These private sites are open only to members, with exclusive content intended for them as well as the ability to interact with one another, usually through discussion forums. You earn a recurring income through the fees members pay.
Of course, it goes without saying that creating a successful and profitable membership site is not easy. In fact, there are probably more successes than failures. Here are five tips on how your membership site can become profitable.
Start by identifying your niche
identifying your nich
The most successful membership sites are those that...

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In order to generate traffic on your membership site, you need to publish quality content. When people pay, they expect in return something worth of their money. They would never invest in something substandard. To keep the interest of your visitors intact you might have to adapt different kinds of content styles, though there is just one core principal: your content should have the ability to deliver value. As the main objective of your content is to help your visitors and keep them interested, it should be written either in personal or neutral tone. Adding some light humor every now and then helps. Below we have listed 5 tips for creating content for membership sites.

Research your Targeted Audience


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Membership software, also known as a management system, is a digital software solution which offers companies and organizations a computerized method to arrange and execute statistical data, reporting, surveys and pipeline system of their enterprise. If you are a new company and decision of selecting a membership software rests on your shoulders, you will probably find yourself stranded in a gigantic orb of service providers.
Let us help you get familiar with the basics and delineate the important factors that distinguish between a good and bad membership software.
First off, management software programs are of two categories. An...

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Here is introduction video of Constant Continuity. This software has been developed after 3 years of efforts and has more than 14 years of Membership Software experience behind it. Our platform offers all in one solution under one roof. Your content publishing and distribution becomes easier than ever after using our software.

Just go through our entire introduction video, and feel free to post your comments feedback and suggestions.