Discussion Forum

Private Members Only Discussion Forum

You don't have to install any separate scripts or plugin to launch your forum, it is built directly into Constant Continuity. Only registered members can access forum from their private login area.

Edit Forum Profile

Forum members can edit their basic information such as their forum signature text, their privacy settings etc.

Multiple Forum Rooms

Create a separate room for each topic. Discussion in a room are specifically related to the room topic

Moderate Discussions

As an administrator, you have full moderation controls over your forum. You can view , edit or delete discussions from administration area.

Members only Access to Forum

Your discussion forum can only be accessed by registered members and it will not be visible to visitors of site who have not registered an account with you.

Private Messaging for Forum Members

Forum members can send private messages to other members that will be emailed to their registered email address.

Members can edit their signature

Members can edit their signature which will be displayed under the posts they create or reply they make to a post on a thread. You can enable or disable signature support from forum settings in site administration area.

Avatars with Gravatars Support

Avatars with Gravatars Support members can either upload their own avatar images or they can use hosted gravatar service to show their image on forum posts. If no image is uploaded, default image will be shown.

Email Templates Management

Email Templates Management which will be displayed in a "downloads" box to the users in the portal. File type icons are available for many popular formats (pdf, doc, xls, etc)

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