Membership Management

  • Unlimited Membership Projects There is no extra cost for you if you run multiple membership sites on multiple domains. You can create 1, 2 , 5 or even 100 membership sites under same plan.
  • Manage Members View, edit or delete members. Change member packages. Manually add members to your site. Turn a member active or inactive.
  • Process Cancellations You can either set your site to automatically process cancelations or you can chose to do it manually. This allows you to make a final call to your members before they cancel membership.
  • Import Members allowing you to bulk add members to your membership site. Their username and password will be auto generated. A great and painless way to migrate from your existing membership system to Constant Continuity.
  • Export Members allowing you to download your member's data on your computer for backup purpose.
  • Send Email to Members allowing you to broadcast your message to all or segments of your members. You can either send broadcast to all your members or based on filtered criteria.
  • Customize Email Template allowing you to define your own email messages that go out to your members on specific events, such as, when they join the site or when they cancel the membership.
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